Sandra Klein

Sandra Klein, Registered Massage Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use heat or ice?
  • Use ice for:
    • An injury where the affected area is red, swollen, hot and inflamed.
    • Migraine Headaches (symptoms include: throbbing head pain, nausea and feeling the need for a dark, cold place).
  • Use heat for:
    • Muscle tension resulting from a non injury – stress, poor posture.
    • Tension Headaches (symptoms include: aching head, stress causing tension in upper back, shoulders and neck)
What is Lymphatic Drainage?
Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique used to decrease swelling and that may result from injury, surgery or circulatory conditions.
What is Trigger Point Therapy?
Trigger Point Therapy is a fairly deep, point specific technique that is used to decrease hyperirritable points 'muscle knots' along the muscle belly. It restores blood flow to the affected area, decreasing pain and tension.
How can a postural assessment help me?
Poor posture is a major contributor to muscle tension and pain. Becoming aware of how to change your posture during work, exercise, sleep and even relaxation can greatly decrease bodily discomfort.